Informal PPC Pistol League at Allied Sportsmen -

Public Welcome Practical Police Combat

We also have an IPL Informal Pistol League on Wednesdays >>>Here

Allied will be starting thier Informal PPC Indoor Pistol League on Tuesday January 8th 2013

Shooting every other Tuesday Evenings at 7PM.

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at Police Practical Combat shooting but didn’t want to shoot in a league, this is for you. The courses of fire are described in PPC league article. This is an informal league. Bring your gun, hip holster and ammo. Have fun and improve your shooting skill.
Informal League Shoot is every Wednesday at 7 p.m. beginning Jan 2nd 2013.

Handicap Scoring – Ladies, juniors and beginners are welcome, Allied has several NRA Certified Safety Instructors Available to assist.


Course of fire will be modified course using the B-29 and B-27 targets
Stage 1.    7 Yards         12 rounds in 20 seconds including mandatory reload (B-27)
Stage 2.  50 Feet           18 rounds in 90 seconds fired 6 rounds kneeling, 6 rounds right side barricade, 6 rounds left side barricade including 2 mandatory reloads

Stage 3.   50 Feet          6 rounds in 12 seconds (B-29)
Stage 4.   50 Feet          24 rounds in 2 minutes 45 seconds fired 6 rounds sitting, 6 rounds prone, 6 rounds right side barricade and 6 rounds left side barricade including 3 mandatory reloads (B-29)

NRA Certified Safety Instructors available to assist our Junior Shooters.

Come out and enjoy the fun!!

For more information call or click here

15 position, 50 foot indoor pistol range with a state of the art Air Handling System provides healthy environment. (Lead nose bullets only)

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