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Spring Clean up on April 9th


Thursday Night Archery

Niagara Frontier Pistol League is underway..

Informal Pistol and PPC begin in January. Open to all.

Allied Gun Raffle 2014


2013 Classes are Complete



Allied Hosted Senator Pat Gallivan's Sportsmen’s Panel On Crossbow Regulations read Will Elliot's Article and see video.

Buffalo News Article about the meeting.

Allied give a Thumbs up to John LaMond of WYRK

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Pistol Shooting Allied Sportsmen of Western New York

The 2012-13 NFPL Schedule is online <HERE>


Pistol Shooting

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Come and join the Group on Sunday Mornings

Sundays at 10am
Allied Sportsmen has a 15 position, 50 foot indoor pistol range.
A state of the art Air Handling System provides healthy environment.
Practice and League shooting Sundays form 11:00 am until 3:00 pm.
Practice and League shooting Wednesdays from 7:30 pm until 10om.
There are no scheduled shooting times in June - July - August.
100 yard outdoor range for rim fire shoots only at this time.
Informal Pistol League - 10 week handicap league shoots from January through March. NRA course of fire. Banquet follows league. Practical Police Course (PPC) September through April, every other Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 9:30pm. 60 rounds shot in standing, sitting, prone and kneeling positions. Left and right handed. Center fire also.
Niagara Frontier Pistol League (NFPL) - .22 caliber League Matches shot a Allied and other clubs throughout WNY and Canada. actual and handicap scores. experienced and novice shooters are welcome.

8-Oct Twin City Away Tuesday
14-Oct Clarence Home Monday
21-Oct Buffalo R&R Home Monday CF
28-Oct Bison City Home Monday CF
5-Nov Lockport Away Tuesday
13-Nov Niagara County Away Wednesday
22-Nov Mohawk Away Friday
5-Dec Ten X Away Thursday
10-Dec Polaris Away Tuesday
16-Dec Pinecrest Home Monday postal CF
23-Dec Bye
30-Dec Bye
1/6/2014 Niagara Falls Home Monday postal CF
13-Jan Twin City Home Monday CF
20-Jan Clarence Away Monday
30-Jan Buffalo R&R Away Thursday
3-Feb Bison City Away Monday
10-Feb Lockport Home Monday CF
17-Feb Niagara County Home Monday CF
24-Feb Mohawk Home Monday
3-Mar Ten X Home Monday postal CF
10-Mar Polaris Home Monday
17-Mar Pinecrest Home Monday postal CF
24-Mar Niagara Falls Home Monday postal CF

Fun shoots, ISPC style, Pistol vs Archery Shoot.
Outdoor Pistol Silhouettes .22 caliber metallic animal targets at 25 50 75 AND 100 yards. Instruction and coaching available.
NRA and Erie County approved Basic Pistol Course - scheduled throughout the year.

According to Pistol Shooting is a competitive sport involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed). Hunting is also a shooting sport.

Handguns, or Pistols, are smaller than rifles, and are much more convenient to carry in general. They usually have a shorter range and lesser accuracy compared to rifles and shotguns.

Competitive shooting takes place at a shooting range or firing range which is a specialized facility designed for firearms practice. Each facility is typically overseen by one or more supervisory personnel commonly called 'Range Master' or 'Range Safety Officer'. Shooting ranges can be indoor or outdoor and possibly restricted to certain types of firearms, e.g. handguns (pistols) only, shotguns, or rifles, or they can specialize in certain shooting sports.


!! We are Allied Sportsmen, and alliance of sportsmen and women.
We are Allied Sportsmen, an alliance of sportsmen and sportswomen and their families.


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Any citizen of the United States, male or female, twelve years of age or upwards, who has not been convicted of a major conservation law violation and who subscribes to and complies with the rules and regulations of this organization as set forth in it's Constitution and By-Laws shall be eligible for membership, providing that vacancies exist on the membership roles and is approved by the Board of Directors.>>>>More on Joining Allied >>>>

You can also fill out an Application form and one of our committee members will contact you.


The NY SAFE Act is a direct threat to all sportsmen and sporting clubs. It eliminates the sale of ammo beginning January 2014. It severely restricts the private sales of rifles and shotguns. (Pistol sales were previously restricted through licensing) It will eventually eliminate the passing on of firearms upon the death of a current firearm owner if not stopped. And it simply is an infringement of Second Amendment Rights. Allied Sportsmen Club supports SCOPE's efforts to