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Spring Clean up on April 9th


Thursday Night Archery

Niagara Frontier Pistol League is underway..

Informal Pistol and PPC begin in January. Open to all.

Allied Gun Raffle 2014


2013 Classes are Complete



Allied Hosted Senator Pat Gallivan's Sportsmen’s Panel On Crossbow Regulations read Will Elliot's Article and see video.

Buffalo News Article about the meeting.

Allied give a Thumbs up to John LaMond of WYRK

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We are Allied Sportsmen, an alliance of sportsmen and sportswomen and their families.


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The NY SAFE Act is a direct threat to all sportsmen and sporting clubs. It eliminates the sale of ammo beginning January 2014. It severely restricts the private sales of rifles and shotguns. (Pistol sales were previously restricted through licensing) It will eventually eliminate the passing on of firearms upon the death of a current firearm owner if not stopped. And it simply is an infringement of Second Amendment Rights. Allied Sportsmen Club supports SCOPE's efforts to