Winter Travelling Trap League

1. All traps used at any league shoot will be set in accordance to ATA rules and checked before shooting starts.
2. Eye and ear protection is a ATA and W.N.Y. trap league rule and is mandatory for all shooters.
3. League shoots will start at 8:30 am and all shooters must be registered by 2:00 pm. Sign in RED for practice and PENCIL for score. Each shooter must sign in for him/her self.

Age as of the 1st shoot:

  •  SUB JR. 12 to under 14
  • JR. 14 to under 18
  • ADULT – 18 to under 6
  • SENIOR —62 to under 70
  • SENIOR VET. —70 and older

4. A club must have 2 traps operating as equal as possible in order to hold a shoot. Otherwise the clubs’ shoot must be held at an alternate club. In the event both traps breakdown before shooting is completed, those shooters who have not shot may shoot at the next shoot to make up their own personal and team scores providing they had registered in person during the league shoot on the day of the breakdown. The scores shot prior to the breakdown will count. A shooter in an incomplete round will shoot at the next league shoot a complete round for score. That days score will be the second score.
5. New targets are to be used at all league shoots. Clubs must use targets that are uniform throughout the days shoot with no changes.
6. Judges on the firing line will call lost birds. Broken birds will not be counted and must be re-shot, hit or missed.
7. Scorers should be qualified. All scores are to be called out after each station. If a shooter has any objections use two people.
All scores are final upon leaving the firing line unless a formal protest is filed at that time. Only the squad shooting is allowed on the firing line. Action on the gun may be closed at anytime unless it disrupts the harmony of the squad. Load only one shell at a time. All guns are to be inspected for being empty and open before changing stations and leaving the firing line.
Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction. Shooters must remain on the firing line until the last shooter has finished. The management of the individual clubs, if in their judgment finds that a shooter is unsafe on the firing line he can be told to remove himself and will not be allowed to shoot.
8. Team captains will have 1 week to check scores entered in the books by the scorekeeper. All scores are then final.
9. If any dispute or misunderstanding arises during the league activities and cannot be settled by the rules or the ATA rules the misunderstanding shall be settled by the team captains or league officers/ and league president.
10. A shooter will be allowed 2 (two) no-fires/mis-fires per 25 birds. The scorer will determined if a bird is fast or slow.
11. Every team will have a captain and co-captain. These names, addresses and phone numbers must be filed with the league secretary.
12. A team shall consist of 12 shooters. The 6 highest scores of the 12 shooters that have registered for that team after the handicap has been added will be used for team totals.
13. A team must have at least 6 shooters who have competed throughout the schedule or the team must be voted into the league the following year.
14. Any new club wanting to join the league will be voted on by secret ballet. Any existing club in the league wishing to bring in another team has preference over any new club wanting to join the league. Any new club coming into the league has to be in the league for one year before eligible to vote or hold an office.
15. A replacement shooter picks up where the other shooter leaves off. No new or replacement shooter may compete on a team after 50% of the league shoots have been completed.
16. No shooter may compete on more than one team.
17. Shooters must shoot on the day of the league shoot to count for team and personal score except as defined in rule #4 and #24. This includes shooting ahead.
18. Only 1 trophy per person excluding the shoot-off.
19. A shooter must shoot at least 60% of the league matches with a handicap in order to qualify for the handicap trophy.
20. There will be 2 league championships. Match points and total targets. Match points will be the top trophy and total targets second.
21. Position shoot will be scheduled if needed. The position shoot only will be based on win or lose system.
22. No more than. 5 shooters may shoot on a squad.
23. You have 2 weeks to shoot your first score for the start of the league.
24. A shooter may elect to shoot 2 weeks in advance for PERSONAL AND TEAM SCORE or 1 week back for PERSONAL SCORE ONLY. If shooting ahead, the shooter must write ” ahead after his-name. At least 3 weeks prior to a shoot the shooter may request to shoot 1 extra week ahead by getting permission from the scorekeeper or one of the officers. This will apply in cases of work, vacation or medical reasons. If a shooter shoots more than 2 weeks ahead without the approval of the scorekeeper or an officer his score will not be used and his money will not be refunded. It is up to the scorekeeper to see this is strictly enforced. Scores will be recorded in sequence. A shooter will be allowed to shoot back 1 time for the entire league. If a shooter has a make-up score the first score shot will count for that day and then the following score shot will for make-up.: SENIOR VETS AND JR. SHOOTERS MAY SHOOT AHEAD UNLIMITED FOR PERSONAL AND TEAM SCORE.
25. Squads may be signed up and run by odds and even system unless a break down occurs. If a trap breaks, squads will be run in numerical order. Both traps are to be kept open until all squads have been run. Squads may be run with one to five shooters, does not have to be full squads. Leave two squads in between when signing up more than once.
26. SHOOT-OFF: Shoot off hours will be 8:30am to 2:00pm. There will be 6 classes (your average for the year). Atrophy for each class. The cost will be $10.00. All classes shoot off that day. NO EXCEPTIONS. Shooters that are tied will use their first 25 targets of their 50 targets to break the tie. If they tie again the second 25 will be used. If they are still tied they must back up to 21 yds. Use six scores, seven if necessary to break team ties. The league will pay for targets only in tie breakers for classes. The club with the last shoot will have the option of hosting the shoot-off, If they decline the shoot-off, the shoot-off will be determined-by draw of cards with-the other clubs except the club that hosted shoot-off the previous year. Shooters are responsible to be there for shoot-off ties. If shooters involved in ties are not present reverse score breaks tie. If tie still exists scorekeeper will break tie by draw of cards.
27. All junior shooters will be league guest at the banquet. For ajunior shooter to bring a guest to the banquet, banquet fees must be paid. Adult shooters may bring one guest to the banquet.
28. The league fee will be $2.50 per person per shoot. Money to be used for league expenses, prizes, etc. If a shooter misses a week the league fees must be paid before shooting the next week. Jr. shooters pay $3.00 and adults pay $6.00. Practice round fees to be determined by host club.
29. All officers are to be elected. The secretary will be reimbursed for expenses The scorekeeper is to receive $.40 per league score per week and also reimbursed for expenses. The scorekeeper is not an office.
30. A shooter has 4 weeks to sign up for the 50/50.

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