Youth Trap Education at Allied Sportsmen Club

Introduction to Trap at Allied Sportsmen Club

Remember, the most important part of Trap Shooting is


In this overview we will learn:

  • Trap Field Layout
  • The Target
  • Safety Rules of Trap
  • How to Play the Game\
  • The Three Games of Trap
  • Athlete’s Gun Ammo and Equipment
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Rules of the Game
  • Trap Etiquette and Dress/Conduct

Trap Field Layout


American trap is the oldest of the clay target sports.  The trap field uses five (5) shooting posts and accommodates five shooters, this is called a squad. Trap has one trap machine throwing targets at random angles 17 degrees left  and right of center. Every squad has a scorer.

The targets are thrown by a  Trap Machine in the Trap house. Please remember these rules when it is time to reload or secure the trap machine.

  1.  Always approach the trap house from the rear or side.
  2. Disarm the machine before entering the trap house.
  3. Display the warning sign when someone is in the house.

The Target

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