Welcome ATA Shooters – General Information

General Information:

 A.)        This is an Invitational Tournament and the trap chairman reserves the right to reject, refund or disqualify any contestant who in his judgment interferes with the harmony of the shoot or violates ATA rules and regulations. A shooter using abusive language to trap help will be removed from the competition. The chairman reserves the right to alter or cancel any part of this program for good and sufficient reasons

B.)    ATA Rules will govern all events and decisions will be based accordingly.

C.)    Purses are not compulsory. Consult your various program events for option(s) and added information.

D.)    Use of factory loaded ammunition is not compulsory. You may use reloads providing they conform to all ATA rules. All shells are subject to inspection at the discretion of the Trap Chairman/Committee.


  • 97% and over AA Class
  • 94% and under 97% = A Class
  • 91% and under 94% = B Class
  • 88% and under 91% = C Class
  • Under 88% = D Class

Known ability will also be used to aide in classification.


The ATA will have classified all handicap shooters. Be sure your average card is up to date. New shooters who have yet to receive ATA classification will shoot from the 22-yard line. Failure to shoot at the assigned yardage will be reported to the ATA and the shooter in question will forfeit all registered scores, money, and prizes.

Sign up time begins at 8:30 am Shoot start time is 9:00am Cut off for 6 yard registration is 11:00am Cut off for handicap registration is 12:00 noon

A.    Twenty (20) minute target/score rule – Check your score at each trip, check the total on the 100. Twenty (20) minutes after the last squad has posted score will be official and options will be figured.

B.    There will be a $25.00 fee for all returned checks.

C.    Allied Sportsmen’s Bar Rules – New York State prohibits bars from serving customers before noon on Sundays. If you wish to drink in moderation, get your hand stamped at the practice sign up area. Remember one drink prohibits you from any targets shooting for the rest of the day.

D.    Juniors 18 years and under are allowed to shoot for $ 18.00 per 100 targets along with ATA fees of $5.00. When shooting at this reduced rate they may not play any options. ID is required.

We will be shooting White Flyer DOP targets as used by the NYS Association and other large shoots.

Allied will award, a one time in a lifetime, 100 straight pin for those breaking a 100 straight during a shoot. Come to the entry area after your score is posted and sign up for your pin. Congratulations!

The Amateur Trapshooting Association rules will govern all leagues  and shoots, and those scores will be included in the official records. Amateur Trapshooting Association

ATA Executive Committee

Allied Sportsmen's Club Club 
Phone 716-937-3615
12846 Clinton Street
Alden, New York 14004

Checkout our website at alliedsportsmen.com for additional information.

A special Welcome to our neighbors to the North!

Canadian Shooters:

Be sure that your paperwork is in order before coming into and leaving the United States before getting to the bridges.

We will charge 15% exchange rate on all Canadian money subject to change throughout the shooting season.

If you pay in Canadian money a Canadian picture ID is required.

Camping Hotels and Directions

12846 Clinton St. Alden, NY 14004 716 288 5080