1. Action of gun is to remain open while at the facility except when it is your turn to shoot.

2. Gun MUST NOT be loaded until you are in a shooting position.

3. Gun MUST be pointed down range while loading.

4. Load no more than 1 shell when it is your turn to shoot at all houses except when shooting doubles at house 3. Load no more than 2 shells when it is your turn to shoot if shooting doubles.

5. In case of gun or ammunition malfunction, the gun MUST be pointed down range until cleared.

6. NO hulls are to be PICKED UP during a skeet or trap round.

7. Do not walk in FRONT of the trap house while the release mechanism is in the hands of the puller.

8. No intoxicating beverage is permitted on or in the vicinity of the range at any time.

9. No one is permitted in trap houses without permission of the Range Master or shoot management.

10. In all instances not covered by established safety rules, the decision and direction of the Range Master or shoot management will be final.

11. Proper eye and ear protection MUST be worn by all persons beyond the POSTED SIGNS.

12. No ammunition heavier than 3 drams of powder and number 7 ½ shot is permitted.

This means: Only trap loads allowed (7 1/2, 8, 8 1/2, 9 shot size)


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