Thank You for Your Interest

Thank you for your interest in joining Allied Sportsmen Club.

During the “Try it You Will Like It” you will get to shoot free and get a couple of free months.

Dues are $90.00 per year and there is a one-time initiation fee of $30.00.  NOTE During the [promotion] the $30.00 initiation fee cannot be waived, so bring Cash or check for $30.00 to join.

All new members must read and sign the Rules of the Club form linked here.   Please print – read and sign this form.

You are welcome to stop by anytime there is a scheduled event. You can participate in the event or just take a tour of our club.
Check our events calendar and stop by.

Please, print the New Member Orientation Packet Information. (Rules of the Club) SIGN AND BRING WITH YOU!



12846 Clinton St. Alden, NY 14004 716 288 5080