Informal Pistol League

IPL Indoor Range

Informal Pistol League (IPL) at Allied Sportsmen –

Public Welcome for Standard NRA Gallery Course

This year we are including .22 Rifles and 5 shot Air Guns to compete too.

Allied will be starting thier Informal Indoor Pistol League on Wednesday January 3rd 2017.

Shooting Wednesday Evenings at 7PM and Sunday mornings at 10 AM.

  • Rifle Shooters welcome (must be a semi auto)

NRA Certified Safety Instructors available to assist our Junior Shooters.

Come out and enjoy the fun!!

For more information call or click here

We also have a PPC League (Practical Police Combat) Every other Tuesday >>>Details Here
  • CLUB HOUSE (716-937-3615)

15 position, 50 foot indoor pistol range with a state of the art Air Handling System provides healthy environment. (Lead nose bullets only)

Pistol Shooters Facebook Group

Rules and Detalis

1. Teams– Teams will be made up of at least 6  but not more than 10 shooters . League shooters are not  required to be members  of Allied. If you do not have a full team , additional  members may be assigned from the sign up sheet .
2. Type of Firearm– Any of the conventional handgun calibers ( handguns using rifle calibers will not be allowed). The shooter may use a different firearm for any given match. The shooter may not change firearms in the middle of a match. EX: May not slow fire .38 caliber  and then fire .22 timed and rapid.
3.  Ammunition– NO JACKETED AMMO ALLOWED. Only Mid Range Target Loads. No Hard Ball Ammo.
4. Course Of Fire– The course of fire will be the standard NRA gallery course.
10 rounds Slow Fire   10 rounds of Time Fire  10 rounds Rapid Fire
5.  When to Fire– Matches will be shot on both Sundays and Wednesdays  listed below. A shooter may fall behind two weeks at the start of the league , but must have four matches  by week 3 and remain up to date . This will be strictly enforced.   If a shooter falls behind- a score of  O will be entered  and a fee of $1.00 will be assessed. A shooter may shoot in advance, by shooting no more than twice in one day, unless time and space allow. A total of 14 matches will be needed for the league .
6.  Fees–  Allied members will be charged  a fee of   $5.00 for every match fired.  The breakdown of this fee is  $3.00 to Allied and  $ 2.00 to the league kitty .  Non Members will be charged a fee of   $ 6.00  for every match fired. The breakdown of the fee is  $ 4.00 to Allied and  $ 2.00 to the league kitty.   This kitty will be used for a party at the end of the league  all shooters are encouraged to attend.  A minimum of fourteen matches will be required to be eligible. Any shooter may shoot practice relays as long as time and space allow.  An additional  practice fee of $2.00 per relay  for non members  and $ 1.00 for Allied members will be imposed as long as at least one match  relay is fired.
7.  Scoring- A shooter’s targets may be scored by another league shooter or by range personnel. Averages  are based on the first 3 matches and will change each week. Match 1,2, and 3  will determine the average for match  1 and so on. The handicap  score ,which is the only score that determines a win, will be calculated with the shooter’s average by using the NRA Handicap book or by computer program. Scores  and team results will be posted after the creation of teams after week three. We will strive to keep teams together but may become necessary to realign teams to equalize the number of shooters on those teams. Match scheduling depends on the number of teams signed up for the league. To be eligible for trophies and the party, you must shoot all 14 matches. To encourage new  shooters, we will limit trophies to two per person.
8.  Registration-and league shoots, Will be from  7:00 pm till 9:00 pm on Wednesday  and 10:00 am till 1:30  on Sunday.

12846 Clinton St. Alden, NY 14004 716 288 5080