High Power Rifle Shooting at Allied Sportsmen Club

Allied Sportsmen Club is moving forward in creating a joint membership with Wood and Brook Sportsman Club to share shooting facilities. The new “associate” member would be granted access to the pistol range if from Wood and Brook club. Allied “Associate” members would have access to Wood and Brook’s 200 yard rifle range.

Associate Membership fee would be $50.00 and limited to 50 members per club. Final details will be read at next meeting.
Wood and Brook is located in Crittenden, New York on Genessee Street just east of Crittenden Road.
Here is Wood and Brooks Rifle Range Rules
1. Shooting is not allowed before 8 AM on weekdays and before 10 AM on Sundays or after sundown at any time. In addition, the rifle range is closed during scheduled archery league events.
2. You must sign the load book and post the orange flag on the post to identify that the rifle range is in use. Remove when done.
3. Weapons must be unloaded at all times until shooter is in position to fire. Muzzles must always point down range.
4. The target line , impact area, and adjacent area must be clear of all persons before firearms may be loadedWhen benched, stacked, being carried onto or off the range or when otherwise being handled the action of every firearm must be kept open at all times
5. Alcoholic beverages and mind altering drugs are not allowed on the range nor are shooters under these influences
6. Shooters must retrieve their brass and target materials and place all trash in receptacle.
7. Targets must be located between the poles on either side of the target line so that fired rounds are stopped by the earth berm behind the line.
8. Muzzles may not be elevated above a line whose trajectory will result in a fired round flying over and beyond the berm, or to the right or left. Remember there is a residential area 500′ behind the berm!!!
9. Armor piercing ammunition is prohibited at all times. Shooters may not shoot at distances beyond 200 yards without prior approval of the Shooting Committee Chair or Range Officer
10. Range guests must personally be accompanied by their member hosts at all times when on club property
11. Pictures, caricatures or illustrations depicting real people may not be used as targets.
12. Targets and Target Frames must not be capable of deflecting a projectile in an unsafe direction.
13. Targets containing explosives or glass are not permitted. Targets may not be placed on the Impact Berm. Please keep off the Impact Berm. •You are responsible for your target line clean up.
15. No Smoking within 15 feet of black powder or black powder substitutes.
16. Prior to loading, shooters using muzzle loading rifles or pistols shall fire caps on all nipples of percussion firearms or a pan full of powder in a flintlock while pointing the firearm downrange.
17. Muzzle loading firearms using granulated propellant shall have the propellant poured into the muzzle from a powder measure.
18. Containers of propellant shall be kept closed when not being used.
19. Shooters using muzzle loading rifles shall place their rifle upright in a v-notch in the loading bench or some other device during a cease fire or during loading. Hand formed cartridges, propellants and sabots may be loaded at the firing line with the firearm held in the upright position.

12846 Clinton St. Alden, NY 14004 716 288 5080