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Spring Clean up on April 9th


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Thursday Night Archery is Back.

Informal Pistol and PPC begin in January. Open to all.

Many thanks to everyone that helped make the 2012 Spring Gun Raffle a huge success. Plans are underway for the next raffle on April 27th more >>>>>


We had a record number of students in 2012, Welcome to all the new hunters and good luck.

The Driveway has been repaired. Please give a big “Thank You” to Jim Galbacher for upgrading the driveway. 

REMEMBER the speed limit is only 10mph.

Allied Hosted Senator Pat Gallivan's Sportsmen’s Panel On Crossbow Regulations read Will Elliot's Article and see video.

Buffalo News Article about the meeting.

Allied give a Thumbs up to John La Mo nd of WYRK

3D Archery for 2012

2013 Gun Raffle

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Fundamentals of TRAP

Trap Shooting

Trapshooting is a shooting sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It involves shooting clay targets (referred to as "birds" or "pigeons") travelling at speeds of up to 90 mph with a shotgun. It is a very challenging sport that easy to learn, but very hard to master. Age really does not matter.

Clay Targets

The most common targets used today are manufactured by White Flyer, Remington & Federal.  They measure 4 5/16 inches in diameter and 1 1/8 inches high.  Properly presented by a good trap machine, they can be broken with as little as one shot pellet.

Trap Shotguns

There are 4 kinds of shotguns you can use for trapshooting.  They must be no larger than 12 gauge.  The major difference between a trap gun & a hunting (field) gun is found in the stock.  The four kinds are over and under, single barrel, semi-automatic & pump action.

Shooting Basics

Singles: each round consists of 25 targets hot from 5 different stations, 5 targets per station. You shoot from 16 yards.
Handicap:  Each round consists of 25 targets shot from 5 different stations, 5 targets from each station. You shoot your targets anywhere from 19 yds to 27 yds. Depending on your ability.



Approximate Cost

Entry Fee:  About $3 to $5 for 25 targets.
 Shells:  One box of 25, about $9 or less per box (available at range) Maximum 3dram equivalent trap load.
Glasses:  $20 to @200 (shop around for best price.  Required
Ear Protection:  $5 to $200 (shop around. $1/pair for soft plugs, available @ range) Required
Shooting Vest: $40 to $200. Shop around. NOT required.
Shooting Bag: up to $150.
Trap Gun: $500 to $13,000 (shop around, many good used guns available). When getting started you can loan a gun from a friend, box of shells, eye & ear protection which are required

Gun safety

There have been very few, if any, deaths related to gun accidents in the sport of trapshooting.  Gun safety is Job #1while trapshooting.  Some simple rules include:

  1. Never move from station to station with a loaded shell in your gun
  2. Always keep the gun pointed downrange.
  3. Never carry a loaded gun when not on the firing range.

Be alert to trap personnel leaving

  1. the trap house while the round is in progress.
  2. You must keep the action open on your gun at all times while moving to & from the trap line as well as moving from post to post while you are shooting.
  3. Keep your gun in good mechanical condition.



The traditional trap field should be laid out with the shooter facing north. There are 5 stations as you can see from the drawing. You shoot 5 targets per station in singles. The #1 position shooter will lead off each round, moving from station to station until having completed 5 shots from each station. The target is released on the command of “pull” from the shooter & will travel at various singles for about 48 to 52 yards at about 50-60 mph. The shooter must break the target before it hits the ground. You are allowed only one shot in singles and handicap and  of course 2 shots in doubles.
Trap Field layout










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