Niagara Frontier Pistol League

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Shooter Averages

Score Sheet

Niagara Frontier Pistol League (NFPL) – .22 caliber League Matches shot at Allied and other clubs throughout WNY and Canada. Scratch and handicap scores are used. . Experienced and novice shooters are welcome

Week # Date Day Where Team
1 2-Oct Mon HOME g Twin City
2 9-Oct Mon HOME k Clarence
3 19-Oct Thurs Away j Buffalo R&R
4 23-Oct Mon HOME i Bison City
5 31-Oct Tues Away l Lockport
6 8-Nov Wed Away b Niagara County
7 17-Nov Fri Away a Mohawk
8 27-Nov Mon HOME f Ten-X
9 4-Dec Mon HOME e Polaris
10 13-Dec Wed Away d Pinecrest
11 18-Dec Mon HOME c N Falls
12 9-Jan Tues Away g Twin City
13 15-Jan Mon Away k Clarence
14 22-Jan Mon HOME j Buffalo R&R
15 29-Jan Mon Away i Bison City
16 5-Feb Mon HOME l Lockport
17 12-Feb Mon HOME b Niagara County
18 19-Feb Mon HOME a Mohawk
19 1-Mar Thur Away f Ten-X
20 6-Mar Tues Away e Polaris
21 12-Mar Mon HOME d Pinecrest
22 21-Mar Wed Away c N Falls

12846 Clinton St. Alden, NY 14004 716 288 5080