NY SAFE Act Pistol License Renewal

The NY State Police have posted the “NY StatePistol LIcense Recertification” on their web site HERE

Here you will find the application process and FAQ about this new process, Current Pistol Permit Holders will start receiving a mailer from the NY State Police about the process.

The application must be submitted prior to January 31st of 2018.

Click Here for a copy of the application;


Here are the instructions

There is nothing to obtrusive other than do you remember all those handguns you paid $3.00 for to have them registered and listed with the State?  Well, instead of gathering all that information from the County Pistol Permit Offices, the NY State Police want you to list all that information that you already paid a County Employee to list AGAIN!  Rather than collecting all that gun registration data, they want you to do it.   Now what if someone lists a gun that is not on his license? Not only did he incriminate himself of a felony, but he is doing the State of New York’s job for free!

If you input this information online, it is then easily captured by the New York State Police and they don’t have to budget any money to pay a clerical person to input the information that you have already paid a fee to list.

You also must list the guns that you have “Co Registered”.


12846 Clinton St. Alden, NY 14004 716 288 5080