Archery vs Pistol Match

Archery vs Pistol Match

Come and have some fun in what has become an annual tradition at Allied Sportsmen Club.   The Archery vs Pistol Match is March 4th  10 am to 2 pm  $10 Includes lunch and targets.  Top Ten Scores determine the winner.

Bragging Rights are at stake.  Currently the Archers have the right to brag, even if it was by a hair on Shawn’s chin.

All are welcome – you can complete on one or both disciplines.

Pistol Shooters will need 30 rounds per match. Shoot Standing at 50 feet.  10 Rounds in 10 Minutes.


Cumulative Score of top 10 pistol shooters vs Cumulative Score of top 10 Archers.

Contact Terry Buczak 681-2759 for more details.

Open to the public,  $10.00 includes food and drink.

The results in 2015

…………Archers       X’s    Pistol      X’s
2015  2648            132     2585     156                       Archers win by 63

The results for 2016

…………..Archers       X’s    Pistol   X’s
2016   2946            162    2945   149                              Archers win by 1

Hats off to Shawn Beal who needed a perfect score of 300 for the Archers as their last shooter, And he got it.  Well done Shawn.

Look at the improvement in the scores.  Both groups improved over last year,


Archers                   Pistol

up by 298               up by  360

11.3%                       13.9%

Fun times for all.

2017 Results


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